Nestled amongst the trees across from the pond on Wild Flower Farm in Dittmer, MO is a beautiful recording studio. The location is remote, surrounded by friendly farm animals in a quiet spot that's far from bustling city life.

If you are looking for a recording studio near St. Louis, Missouri, McCallie Music Studio, L.L.C. is ready to provide you with the highest quality recordings. Flexible hours and rates are available. To discuss your musical and recording needs, please email with your contact information and details of your project.

Flexible Rates

Most large recording studios have huge overhead expenses they must pass along to their customers by charging enormous fees. McCallie Music Studio is an affordable option, able to be flexible in pricing, able to work with you to meet your needs and give you the best quality available. Pricing for a simple singer songwriter style recording session begins at $100 per song.


Crafting a masterpiece takes time. McCallie Music Studio can work around your schedule. Recording sessions literally go on here day and night. You can have as much time as you need to be satisfied with your project.


McCallie Music Studio is conveniently located just outside of St. Louis, making it a much closer option than Nashville. The scenery is bucolic and tours are available to see the farm’s animals, wind and solar powered energy systems, and all natural wool and organic Highland beef products. The property is secured with motion detection, lighting, a gated entrance, multiple locks, and guardian animals.

Why the Sound of the Space Matters

Most recording studios are unable to offer enhanced live acoustics and instead have to deaden the acoustics of their space. This is because most recording studios try to convert an existing space into an acceptable music environment. This means the quality of the actual recording is very limited and cannot capture the full range of frequencies and wavelengths created by any instrument or voice. The sound of their recordings can be electronically enhanced using digital plug-ins, but will never capture the true, natural essence of the performance.

Why capture sound in an acoustically enhancing space? Ever wonder why so many audiophiles prefer old analog recordings such as records to modern digital formats like CDs and mp3 files? The reason is that music can be felt. Sound travels as molecules collide and transfer the sound, just as a large speaker literally moves air. Even frequencies beyond the scope of human hearing from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz can still be felt by our bodies. It is this musical coloration of harmonic overtones that can influence an emotional response in listeners. This is one reason seeing a live concert can be so much better than listening on a sound system. Recording in a space that allows the capturing of the full scope of a sound can bring life to your recordings.

McCallie Music Studio